Crazy – ‘Round-the-world’ tickets are back for just $338

Written and Published November 25, 2014

The ultra-cheap flights around the world are back!

You can currently book tickets from Rome to Singapore and one to Los Angeles (or Seattle or Newark, Salt Lake City) for just $338. There are many dates and options available.

To find dates, use ITA Matrix and search multi-leg FCO to SIN and SIN to LAX. Use the +/- 2 days option.

Crazy  – ‘Round-the-world’ tickets are back for just $338

Crazy  – ‘Round-the-world’ tickets are back for just $338

Crazy  – ‘Round-the-world’ tickets are back for just $338

You can book on Priceline and Cheapoair.

Mileage earning is a bit of a mystery in 2015 since Delta has been mum about partner earnings (tickets issued on Delta earn per spend not miles flown) so I would not be sure. The Etihad segment may earn miles with AAdvantage but SHOULD with Etihad Guest.

To get yourself to Europe, you can use a cheap one-way (like the recent New York City to Milan deal) or 20,000 AAdvantage miles until March 31st (30,000 after that).

If you are interested in taking a round the world ticket and seeing Asia and Europe on the cheap, don't wait as these deals only come around once a year (or twice this year) :)

I'm currently in the Seychelles and the internet is sloooow here, so please help others with your findings should you book and share dates and city pairs you found.

HT goes to aaron1262 on Flyertalk

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