What www.google.com.br can’t tell you about travel in Brazil!

Posted on October 11, 2014 by in Uncategorized

www.google.com.br is – of course – the local version of Google in Brazil.

In the world of award tickets, Brazil is famous. It is the country that has made fuel surcharges on tickets illegal. It is the only country that has done so thus far. But the airline industry has been introducing fuel surcharges with vigor and www.google.com.br can show you that.

Airlines have adjusted and added the missing fuel surcharge for tickets back into the ticket price. This usually works well but some online travel agencies – notably expedia.com.br – have struggled to make the changes for each ticket. www.google.com.br will tell you that Qantas, for instance, has flights from Los Angeles, CA to Sydney for just about $500. I'm convinced this wasn't the only 'mistake fare' you could buy 'in Brazil'. Thanks to the internet, we can all do our airline shopping in Brazil now. I do check every fare with high fuel surcharges in kayak.com.br – just to be sure!

Many frequent flyer programs still rely on charging fuel surcharges. However, they do not charge any fuel surcharges when you depart from Brazil! So you undertake that expensive (even when using miles) British Airways flight or Lufthansa first class flight from Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. One more reason not be online all the time and browsing www.google.com.br and to return to the sunny shores of Brazil!

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