Shopdiscover – an overlooked cash back portal?

Posted on October 15, 2014 by in Travel Deals

For almost all my online shopping, the cashback comparison sites like and are my first stop to find a deal. From time to time, I spotted the astounding cashback amounts offered at ShopDiscover. It prompted me to take a better look at ShopDiscover today.

ShopDiscover is the cashback portal by credit card company Discover. You can only use the site if you have a Discover credit card. While most Discover credit cards come without a sign-up bonus, they do come with rotating cashback categories.

So, you will need to have at least one Discover credit card to be eligible to use the ShopDiscover portal. However, many reports point to the fact that you can use any credit card for a transaction (i.e. one that gives you a category bonus) and you will see the cashback bonus posted on your Discovery account.

Right now, these stores have some rather notable discounts at ShopDiscover:

– H&R Block 20% cashback bonus

Columbia 10% cashback bonus 10% cashback bonus gives just 4 miles per dollar in the American Airlines Mileage Portal. shoppers can earn just 5 Ultimate Rewards extra points when going through the Ultimate Rewards portal.

So it seems ShopDiscover is a bit of an overlooked gem if you hold a Discover credit card.

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