Hilton Employee Discount and the Corporate Benefits Employee Offer

Posted on October 4, 2014 by in Hilton Honor

Employee discounts can vary from firm to firm and the incentives can often be generous enough to help attract you to your place of work. Hilton is one of those employers and their discounted room benefits are usually highly rated by their team members.

The Team Member Travel Program and Hilton Family Travel Program give employees (and their immediate and extended family) discounted room rates across the Hilton Worldwide portfolio. All regular team members working in the Americas, whether full-time or part-time, are eligible for this leisure travel benefit.

For the HFTP, immediate and extended family is defined as the employee's spouse/partner, parents, children, siblings, in-laws and grandparents. It doesn't state in the Program Guide or FAQ that proof of familial relationship is required, so it's a given that some team members will also give this discount to their friends.

The discount for TMTP (where family can also use the discount, but only if the employee is present at check-in with them) is alleged to be much higher than for HFTP (where the employee doesn't have to be present), so I tested this theory…

I searched for a hotel in New York on October 2nd for 1 night and compared the employee rate and the family rate. The Hilton New York JFK Airport employee rate is from $119, while the family rate is from $164! Plus the Hilton Garden Inn Queens/JFK Airport has an employee rate starting at just $39, while the family rate is from $160. That's a huge difference.

Hilton classes these discounts as 'exceptional', and as such doesn't allow the accrual of HHonors points when using TMTP or HFTP.

If you're a Hilton employee, it's easy to find and book a discounted room:

– Click 'BEGIN HERE' on the website:
– Select and confirm your work location
– Review and accept the program terms and conditions
– Search for available hotels, selecting the applicable team member rate (employee or family)
– Fill in your personal information and reserve your room

If you selected an employee rate, it should state in the 'Additional Comments' box here that a 'Passport' is required at check-in. This is your signed Hilton Travel Passport card, which you need to get from your HR department once you've booked. When a Family Travel Program is reserved, it is printed on regular paper, whereas the Travel Passport given to employees is a signed card.

You can only reserve up to two rooms, up to seven consecutive nights per stay, at any one time, subject to availability.

So how can these discounts help you?

Evidently, if you're a Hilton employee, or a family member of a Hilton employee, then the benefits are clear to see. If you're a (good) friend of a Hilton employee then it's possible that they will let you use their family discount. But what if you're none of the above?

Hilton International employees are not eligible for the Team Member rate in the Team Member Travel Program. If you're a non-Americas Hilton employee (or even if you're not!) and you're looking for Hiltons outside the US only, you can use the Corporate Benefits Employee Offer (also known as the Corporate Benefit Partner Rate) which is obviously meant for corporate partners but has been used by travel hackers for a long time.

One of the most well-known promo codes – PR13CB – gives you up to 43% off. Search Hilton.com and input PR13CB in the 'Promotion/Offer Code' box under Special Accounts and Rates:

LoyaltyLobby's John Ollila says,

"This is not a corporate rate that would require proof of employment at a certain company… I have used this rate many times over the years and always received both stay/night credit and points".

It's not always available at every non-US hotel but keep searching and you'll find it works 🙂 Hilton hotels in Europe, Asia and the Middle East are the best ones to try.

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