and the United Pass Travel Program – A Quick Guide

Posted on October 23, 2014 by in United Mileage Plus

What is

Before Continental Airlines merged with United Airlines, Continental passengers would access and employees could access, which was the airline's intranet. Two years after the finalization of the merger and is still surprisingly accessible, but it is now linked in many ways to United Airlines and this may continue to be the case rather than United phasing out the old website links.

Staff can still access for various reasons, and one of those is to use the United Pass Travel Program.

What is the United Pass Travel Program?

United is proud of its employee benefits and privileges. A major employee privilege is the Pass Travel Program, where co-workers, early-out program participants and retired staff can not only enjoy leisure travel passes and reduced-rate leisure tickets themselves, but also share those benefits with nominated friends or family.

Current and former staff are responsible for the Pass Travel bookings made on by nominated pass riders as well by themselves. Employees must adhere to particular rules such as not misusing or abusing flight privileges and, as such, tickets cannot be sold, bartered or used for personal or financial gain.

How do you access the United Pass Travel Program?

Employees who were with Continental Airlines can access the program by visiting and inputting their employee number and confidential password.

There's an employee login for pass riders here.

As a side note, there are some interesting rules to be found for staff and retirees – for instance, when traveling, dress attire should at least meet if not exceed casual standards, and this includes the following unacceptable dress in an airline cabin:

Strange, but true!

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