USAA car rental with Avis, Budget, Hertz using discount codes

Posted on September 2, 2014 by in Avis / Hertz Car Rentals

USAA extends a host of discounts to its members. Besides the well-rated financial services, the membership also comes in handy for USAA car rentals.


We priced out car rentals at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for one week from October 9th until October 16th 2014. To see potential savings, we then applied the USAA discount code.

Here are our results:

Avis Car Rental LAX

The Avis discount code for USAA car rental is A177232 – supports discount codes under AWD. Navigate the AWD field and enter A177232 quotes $451 for the subcompact rental for one week WITHOUT a discount code. quotes $366 for the one week using the USAA discount.

The USAA discount code can save you 19% with Avis in our example.

Budget Car Rental LAX

The Budget Car Rental discount code for USAA is Y126500 – Click 'use an offer code' on the website and enter Y126500

Budget quotes $199.75 for the one-week rental at LAX without a discount code.

Budget quotes $172.90 for the one-week rental using the USAA discount code. This represents a saving of 13%.

Hertz Car Rental LAX

The Hertz discount code for USAA members is 77694 – Hertz also waives the underage fee for drivers under 25 as well as any additional driver fees for USAA family members.

To enter the discount code, navigate to Discount/CDP/Club Code and enter 77694

Hertz quotes $456.91 for the one-week rental at LAX without using the code.

Hertz quotes $173 using the USAA discount code for the one-week rental at LAX. When the discount code is applied you will save 63% compared to the 'Pay Later' rate for compact vehicles.


Applying the USAA discount code will save you at least 13% in our example for USAA car rentals. Budget and Hertz have very similar rates with Hertz also waiving underage fees.

USAA Eligibility

While it was possible to sign up for USAA checking accounts and certain insurance products until 2013 for non-military members, this has now been changed again.

If you, your parents or your spouse are a member of the military or have served in the military you are eligible for a USAA membership.

You can sign up here for a USAA membership.

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