US Airways Award Reservations you may have not heard of that provide amazing value

Posted on September 9, 2014 by in Travel Deals

US Airways has had a golden chart with almost no routing rules for a long time. I have taken first class trips from the US to Asia and on to Europe for 120,000 miles testing 4 different Star Alliance First products with one award ticket. Ahh those were the days…

The infamous 90,000 miles US Airways Dividend Miles from the US to Northern Asia (which could make stops almost anywhere) has now been discontinued.

1) 90,000 Dividend Miles Business Class Award from Central America to South & Central Asia Round Trip

You can still get the same price for this US Airways Business Class award when you travel from Central America (any airport south of the border with oneworld coverage qualifies) to South(-east) Asia.

If you want to stretch this, it's more than 25,000 miles flown (via Europe).

2) 120,000 Dividend Miles Business Class Award from (Southern) South America to the Middle East or Southeast-Asia Round Trip

Another monster award can be built from southern South America to the Middle East.

Ushuaia (USH) is the gateway to Antarctica and LAN serves it well. You can then fly a mix of LAN, AA and Qatar on your way to the Middle East, Israel, Maldives or Southeast Asia. All for the same flat price!

3) 100,000 Dividend Miles Business Class Award from (Southern) South America to Europe Round Trip

This is just a bit shorter than awards to the Middle East but costs just 100,000 miles. The Canary Islands outside of Africa are part of Europe according to the US Airways chart.

Avoid British Airways (because of their fuel surcharges) for the transatlantic legs but feel free to use them within Europe.

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