Our TOP 6 cheapest passport photos options – or is there more than Walgreens Passport Photos?

Posted on September 24, 2014 by in Cheap Passport Photos, Travel Deals

If you travel a lot, you will have encountered this situation before – where do you get the cheapest passport photos for your visa application or new passport?

One thing that I found particularly annoying is the need to get passport photos for each visa. Sometimes just one is required, but at other times 3 photos are needed. So what are the options for the cheapest passport photos?

Walgreens Passport Photos

My go-to place used to be Walgreens which charges $11.99 for passport photos. You can use the coupon code 6427 to get $2 off. Normally a set is just two passport photos. In the past I had some success in talking the employee into giving me 'additional' prints for just 39 cents per picture. However each location will have a different policy. Just today I got lucky with a new set of passport photos (I got 10 extra copies this time). Hit the local Walgreens when it is less busy to maximize your chances to get additional prints for just 39 cents (2 passport photos for each print).

CVS Passport Photos

CVS also offers a full service for passport photos. CVS charges just $10.99 per set and also offers $2 off if you print out the coupon.

Costco Passport Photos

Costco charges just $4.99 per set of passport photos. If you have a Costco nearby and are a member, this is a great and convenient alternative.

AAA Passport Photos

AAA Plus and AAA Premier members get two sets of passport photos complimentary (each year?) Regular 'Classic' members pay $15 and non-members $20 making it an expensive option!

Passport Photo Booth App

The Passport Photo Booth allows you to take your own pictures and guides you along the passport photo requirements. The final picture is saved in your photo library. You can than take that picture to a local Kinko's or a CVS/Walgreens and just pay 99 cents for each print.


If you are comfortable handling digital pictures, the Passport Photo Booth app and the ePassportPhoto website are the cheapest ways to print passport photos. Keep in mind that you need to understand all the restrictions of the visa or passport application though.

Costco provides the best value for a retail location to the cheapest passport photos, though CVS wins for me due to its low price, complete solution and wide availability of CVS locations all over the US.

So you see there are more ways than just Walgreens Passport photos!

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