Aegean Miles+Bonus changes effective November 24th 2014

Posted on September 27, 2014 by in Travel Deals

We recently wrote about the proposed changes to Aegean's loyalty program Miles+Bonus, focusing on Gold status being downgraded.

Well, the changes have now been officially released and you may not like what you're about to read…

The easy, too-good-to-be-true route to lifetime Star Alliance Gold (only having to take one Star Alliance flight every 3 years to keep it) has now gone unfortunately. You now reach Gold with 24,000 miles within 12 months (but this has to include at least 4 Aegean or Olympic flights) or 48,000 miles regardless of airline.

Silver is reached with 12,000 miles within 12 months (including at least 4 Aegean or Olympic flights) or 24,000 miles regardless of airline.

If you're not already there, you have until November 24th 2014 to reach Gold and you'll benefit from it for at least a year. Otherwise, you might want to start looking at a few flights around Greece to get the status in the future!

Tier retention is now easier:

The program features new services including together and Happy Miles. With together you can pool your award miles with up to six people in one account and Happy Miles allows you to redeem fewer miles on specific Aegean or Olympic flights.

In addition, there are new tier benefits, but most changes are relevant to flying Aegean rather than partner airlines:

Whilst these are all welcome additions to Miles+Bonus, the program overall has lost value. Annual re-qualification can be a little painful but at least it's only 24,000 miles for Star Alliance Gold retention – it could have been worse.

Note: Remember when Thai Airways recently listened to its customers and deferred Royal Orchid Plus award increases? What's the chances of Aegean following suit? Who's with me?!

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