Rental car elite status with Avis, Sixt and National with a World Elite MasterCard

Posted on August 15, 2014 by in Avis / Hertz Car Rentals

Gary Leff from View from the Wing has posted a great update about how to get easy rental car elite status from Avis, National, and Sixt when you have a World Elite MasterCard.

In the original post from July, View from the Wing reader johnf reminded us that one of the unique benefits of having a World Elite MasterCard is the rental car benefits that entitle you to status with 3 rental companies – Avis, Sixt and National.

Reader johnf also provided us with the online links to apply for the status in the recently updated post, after receiving the links in an email from an agent.

You can enroll with Avis and National, as well as rent with Sixt at Master Elite rates

Rent Sixt cars here with CWT USA Master Elite rates

Enroll here for Avis First for MasterCard World Elite cardholders

Enroll here for National's Emerald Club

HT Gary Leff and johnf @ View from the Wing

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