Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse (Upper Class) Lounge London Heathrow Terminal 3 Review

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Once you step into this lounge you realize immediately - it is massive! It has certain themes for seating but it is all basically on one level. It's like a mini terminal! I like the Virgin attitude - the quirky marketing language, the cheerful but somewhat bossy staff. You are treated somewhat like an 'old friend' instead of the submissive 'sir' in Asia or the robotic 'Herr' in Germany/France. Anyway, the whole lounge has waiter service and you can simply sit down and play with your electronic device in your favorite seating area. There is a lot of choice from a restaurant then to lounge sofas, to a library and more. The menu contains all sorts of fancy-sounding drinks and a large number of appetizers. Their waiter service dramatically decreases the noise from people traipsing around getting food - what you would normally experience in lounges. But it also takes away the atmosphere of 'what you see is what you get'. However, there is a self-service bar that offers items not on the menu, including salads, smoked salmon, bread and cheese. I liked the food but found it a notch lower in quality than what you get in the Qatar London Lounge or the Lufthansa First Class Terminal. The coffee did not taste as fresh as from a barista but was from a machine. The smoked salmon looked great but had no real taste left and was just salty - just like the bread which was a bitter salty mess. Other items like the Indian curry and yoghurts were excellent though! The bathrooms were spotless and felt more like in your personal hotel room than an airport toilet. The staff were all friendly and well-trained. The WiFi clocked in continuously at 6 Mbit which is pretty fast. If WiFi does not entertain you like it always does for me, there is a pool table and a whole range of board games besides hundreds of books. I spent 6 hours in the lounge and had a great time! Overall, this is an awesome lounge with lots of things to do and mostly great food. A wonderful start to a long flight with Virgin.

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