Delta West Coast Shuttle Los Angeles (LAX) to San Francisco (SFO) Review

Written and Published July 8, 2014

The LAX - Bay Area market has been changing quickly in the last 12 months. It used to be the domain of United, Southwest and Alaska (mostly from San Jose). Virgin America joined in as well with flights from SFO and SJC a couple of years ago.

Now many SJC flights have vanished but US Airways and Delta have joined the market with several daily flights. Before, Delta had no flights between SFO and LAX at all!

I used a Delta Shuttle as a connection from my Virgin Atlantic flight into LAX.

Heads-up: Delta Terminal 5 is undergoing major construction at the moment.

I arrived 90 minutes before my flight. There was no line at SkyPriority check-in and security using the priority line was very quick.

Since I have no SkyTeam status anymore I didn't have access to the Delta Sky Club. However, Terminal 5 has a number of newish shops, bars and coffee shops that deliver reasonable (would not call it good) food. The terminal was busy but never felt crowded.

Boarding was early and 5 minutes later everyone was on-board. The pilot was actually last. Seems everybody does this every day on this shuttle. We waited another 20 minutes before we could get underway.

The flight was routine and quick with lots of bumps over California's Central Coast.

All in all, it was a good option. I like Delta for their 'operational excellence'. Staff is friendly and highly professional. Things work on-time and as expected.

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