Ukrainian International Airlines Economy Class Tbilisi, Georgia to Kiev, Ukraine Review

Posted on June 26, 2014 by in Travel Deals

For my trip around Eastern Europe I needed a connection from Tbilisi to Kiev and that's where Ukraine Airlines comes in. The ticket was just $100 for the 2.5 hour trip in economy. I frankly did not look forward to this flight but an alternative flight would have taken me on a much more complicated and more expensive route.

Ukraine International's hub is Kiev's Boryspil Airport. The airline does not have the best safety record but has been improving lately.

Check-in at TBS Airport opened exactly 2 hours before take-off and I was seemingly the only passenger to show up so early. Check-in was very quick and professional and after this I proceeded to the Priority Pass lounge.

Security is at the gate at this airport so I proceeded a bit early and was on time when boarding started. Again, everything was very orderly and quick.

The aircraft has leather seats and a reasonable seat pitch. However, it looked old and tired. Think of the old American Airlines 757. This was a 737 but looked pretty ancient from the inside.

Departure was a little late but we eventually managed to take-off into the forming thunderstorms over Tbilisi.

Foolishly, I was expecting food on the plane but that did not happen during those 2.5 hours. I did get some free water from a pitcher that the flight attendants served from, which tasted old and stale. I later came down with a bad stomach issue and I can only think of one place where I could have gotten this from, but I may be wrong.

Landing in Kiev was 15 minutes late but effortless and we got a bus to the gate and proceeded to Immigration. Lines seemed very long but things moved quickly so I was at the luggage belt before my bag arrived.

All in all, a good routine flight. Though I have no real evidence besides the stale water taste, I do blame Ukraine International for making me sick that day.

Take Ukraine Airlines if that's your best connection. It would not be my first choice again in future.

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2 / 5 stars