Review: Plaza Premium Lounge Vancouver

Virgin Atlantic just started flights from Vancouver last year. It's a bit of an odd route since there isn't much of a network provided by Virgin Atlantic affiliates. Since I had no boarding pass for Virgin yet and I arrived a while before my flight the check-in area wasn't open. The airport staff weren't sure where to send me but Vancouver only has two lounges and as luck would have it I hit the Plaza Premium Lounge first. And while the staff were a bit skeptical to let me in without a boarding pass I was able to talk them into it. The lounge is airy and sun-filled (especially with these long days in June). It features a real coffee bar - yes, even an espresso maker - and a huge dessert bar with some deliciously sweet items. At dinner time, Moroccan chicken was served and I liked it a lot! There is no separate WiFi so you are able to use the Vancouver airport WiFi which is incredibly fast! This definitely felt like an upgrade to most US lounges. I spent a couple of productive hours there and would certainly recommend it.

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