What is the most important factor when you travel?

What is most important when you travel?

This was the question asked to the Expedia Elite Plus members (people who spend more than $10,000 with Expedia per year).

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The results are a bit surprising!

1) Hotel room cleanliness (89%)
2) Good customer service (81%)
3) Privacy of online information (80%)
4) Saving money for leisure travel (73%)
5) Free wireless internet (63%)
6) Hotel location (66%)
7) Loyalty programs (42%)
8) Ability to manage travel itineraries via mobile device (32%)
9) Ability to get travel alerts on mobile device (31%)
10) Hotel Upgrade Option (28%)

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Loyalty programs and if the destination / travel is a deal appeal most to me.

How do you decide how to travel? What do you factor in the most?

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