Travel With Your Taste Buds: North America

Posted on May 16, 2014 by in Travel Deals

North American cuisines often display influences from many international styles, including Native American, Jewish, Asian and especially European recipes. As a broad, geo-culinary term, North American cuisine also includes Central American and Caribbean. Imagine going to all those different places with just one bite.

1. Burgers (United States)

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It may just be your ordinary sandwich, but a burger is not JUST your ordinary sandwich. In fact, it has influenced a vast number of countries to make their own version of this iconic dish.

2. Tacos (Mexico)

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The first thing that comes to mind when people say Mexico is, Tacos. (It rhymes as well. Neat) This dish has jumped from being found only on Mexican grounds to being a fast food staple. Ever since its first appearance, tacos are seen mostly on food trucks in the US because the impression it has made in the US has been quite remarkable. I won't be surprised if I see a Filipino taco really soon!

3. Poutine (Canada)

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Strips of potato drenched in hot gravy and topped with big chunks of cheese, yeap, that is how you describe Poutine. Nothing defines a hot mess than Poutine. In fact, the word Poutine is Quebec slang for "mess". Though messy, people would surely be intrigued about eating Poutine because with the amount of time that it has been around, someone should've thought of a perfect way of eating it! But even with that said, locals and tourists alike don't mind getting messy.

4. Fiambre (Guatemala)

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Fiambre is a traditional Guatemalan dish that is only served once a year. During the world's celebration of the Day of the Dead, 1st of November. Even so, Guatemalans look forward to tasting this dish because aside from it being healthy, it also is as satisfying as it looks.

5. Boliche (Cuba)

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On a typical Cuban family table, a special meal wouldn't be complete with Boliche or Cuban-Style Stuffed Beef Roast. This scrumptious dish is usually stuffed with chorizo and combined with vegetables like potatoes, carrots and olives. Definitely something hearty. Give it a try and experience why it has remained a Cuban family tradition.