Travel With Your Taste Buds: Europe

Posted on May 11, 2014 by in Travel Deals

You know it's from Europe when it has big servings. I can hear the inner fat kid in me say, "YEAAAAAAAH!" European recipes often include dairy, potatoes or pasta as well as the key ingredient of meat. Even though it's the second smallest of the seven continents and the third most populous, Europe never fails to leave us in awe when we taste some of the most palatable dishes known to man.

1. Ratatouille (France)

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Nope, this is not the movie about a rat who knows how to cook but about the awesome dish that's in that movie. Layers of colorful eggplant and zucchini slices and no sign of meat makes it a vegetarian's delight. Because of its beautifully-plated appearance, you'll sure want to take a bite. Or ten!

2. Moussaka (Greece)

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The traditional Greek version of moussaka combines eggplants, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, spices and minced meat to form layers of love! When it's made without potato, it's kinda like a guilt-free version of an Italian lasagna without the unholy carbs.

3. Pizza (Italy)

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Some dishes are closely intertwined with the country they're from, and pizza and Italy are just plain inseparable. Italy was the one who made pizza popular, and with the capabilities we have today, there are tons of ways to cook this bready comfort food – even by microwave! However, Italians beg to differ, because they believe that the only way to cook a perfect Italian pizza is by brick oven – which is why you'll still see them cooked this way in Italian restaurants to this day. This makes their pizza uniquely Italian.

4. Paella (Spain)

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Paella got its name from the old word paelle which translates as 'pan'. Paella now literally means any kind of pan to Valencians in Spain, including the shallow type of dish used to cook this wonderful comfort food that consists of rice, meat and veggies. What makes this dish fascinating is that Valencian dinner guests eat it right from the hot pan. Very carefully, I hope!

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