Help! My miles for my Citi Executive Platinum 100,000 card aren’t posting

Posted on May 17, 2014 by in best use of Citibank ThankYou points

I signed up for a Citibank Executive Platinum MasterCard with 100,000 miles sign-up bonus in February. Did you now that Dan got approved for several simultaneous applications. Did you try this as well?

So, I completed the minimum spend very quickly (within 2 weeks) and was expecting the miles to post with the next statement. That wasn't the case and since I was away traveling I was okay to wait another month. The next month came and went and still nothing happened.

When I checked into the Admirals Club the agent mentioned that my AAdvantage account was tagged with entry privileges but I was able to proceed anyways. She mentioned that she would post a note.

I called Citibank and they said that they had done their fair share and that American Airlines had been having computer issues with the integration of US Airways.

I waited another month and called American Airlines. They told me that these issues had been solved but while my account now showed correctly, I'd have to wait for another statement to close.

Now my 4th statement closed and finally the miles arrived today. On to booking a Cathay Pacific First Class award 🙂

You can still sign up for the card here

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