7 Unique Restaurants around the world That Will Blow Your Mind

Posted on May 18, 2014 by in Travel Deals

Nothing beats good food and behind all good food is a great chef in a fantastic resto. But some restaurants out there are just so unique that the themes of them steal the show before you even try the food…

From straightjackets to toilet bowls to dining blind, the world is full of bizarre restaurants like these that serve food as creative as the restaurants look…

1. A380 In-Flight Kitchen in Taipei

Picture Courtesy: www.smh.com.au / Youtube Video: here

Common complaints of air travel include jet lag and turbulence, but imagine if you never experienced these in an airplane? Well, in Taipei there's one airplane that will never give you any of that because it is not actually an airplane – it just looks like one! From the restaurant's interior to the waitress's uniform, it'll feel like you're up in the air but the food's gotta be better than in economy class! What's not to love?

2. Dinner In The Sky in Belgium

Picture Courtesy: radio2fun.com / Youtube Video: here

Imagine enjoying a plate of ham salad and a glass of wine while dangling 150 feet above the ground. Can't handle it, huh? Even if you're not afraid of heights, you still might think it's a strange idea, but in Belgium, it's a real possibility. Customers are strapped into chairs and raised by crane to almost half the height of Big Ben! Need to powder your nose mid-meal? The whole table will descend in less than a minute!

3. Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan

Picture Courtesy: ethnacookseverything.com / Youtube Video: here

This creative restaurant in Taiwan may make you want to start eating in your own bathroom… They have tables made of glass-topped sinks and bathtubs and seats that were once real toilets! They serve their food in miniature toilet bowls, too, including their signature dish of soft-serve ice cream which has an unfortunate appearance – especially the chocolate flavor 🙁 If you're not too grossed out by any of this, give this restaurant a go.

4. Hospitalis Restaurant in Latvia

Picture Courtesy: news.softpedia.com / Youtube Video: here

This trendy burlesque hospital-themed restaurant was simply one of a kind but it closed due to poor hygiene standards! They used beakers and test tubes instead of wine glasses and food was served in kidney dishes and eaten with hospital utensils instead of the good 'ol' knife and fork. Some customers actually paid to wear straightjackets and be spoon-fed by nurse waitresses…

5. Dans le noir? Restaurant in London

Picture Courtesy: toadsandtiaras.wordpress.com / Youtube Video: here

This restaurant is where Mary and Tim went on a blind date – literally. If you haven't seen the movie About Time, then this will certainly make you want to. The idea might seem a little strange at first, but dining in the dark is a sensorial, social, and human experience where blind staff serve and guide diners in pitch black. If you happen to visit this place, you're surely in for a wonderful treat.

6. RollercoasterRestaurant 's Baggers in Germany

Picture Courtesy: roughguides.com / Youtube Video: here

This Nuremberg 's Baggers restaurant has lasted longer than its critics expected. It focuses on automation – one of the things that has been dominating society for quite some time now. Customers order using touchscreens and have their food slide down to them via a spiralled roller coaster, even if they're sitting outside. The food includes organic, healthy, low-fat, natural, gluten-free and anti-allergenic food at attractive prices!

7. Princess Heart Restaurant in Japan

Picture Courtesy: news.3yen.com

Some girls never outgrow their frilly princess fantasies, and if you're one of them, then this restaurant is for you. As Japan holds the record for most number of uniquely-themed restaurants in the world, it comes as no surprise that a princess restaurant was opened, where you are greeted at the door and taken to eat by a wizard's tree in a magical forest. I'm sure even the Disney princesses would want to grab a bite here!

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