Save 50% on Flying Blue redemptions

Written and Published March 27, 2014

Save 50% on Flying Blue redemptions

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Type of promotion : Airlines, Discounted award tickets

Airlines : Air France

What are benefits ?

Save up to 50% on Award Miles with Flying Blue Promo Awards from Air France.

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Air France adds heavy fuel surcharges to award tickets especially for intercontinental ones. Brazil is usually the exception - but it's not part of the promos this time.

Terms and Conditions

Reservations must be made exclusively on or (except for bookings for children, infants and minors, who are not authorised to book an award on the website).
In the event that a technical problem occurs when reserving the promotional fare or if the reservation cannot be finalised, the Flying Blue member must log on to the site and repeat the procedure.
This award ticket may be used on connecting flights within Europe and on connecting flights from Europe to long-haul flights and vice-versa.
These promotional Promo [email protected] may not be modified, cancelled or refunded.
Promo [email protected] are available for one-way tickets and round trips.
Flex Award are not included in the Promo [email protected] offer.

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