Review: Thai Airways Business Class Lounge & regional business class to Chengdu, China TG618

Posted on March 8, 2014 by in Travel Deals

The Thai Airways Business Class check-in was deserted at around 9 AM on a Sunday. There is so much space and all the agents played with their phones that me showing up for check-in was a welcome distraction.

Check-in was super quick with the agent looking at my Chinese Visa carefully though.

There is a dedicated security area for business class passengers which also was completely deserted.

The Thai Business Class lounge is immediately to the left after using the Business Class check in. That's as convenient as it gets!

The lounge tends to be rather dark and cold from the AC – so it's a good idea to bring a sweater if you like to spend time at the lounge. The WiFi was reasonable – not fast but it works for emails and browsing.

There were breakfast items and hot drinks but they wouldn't list under any of my favorite lists.

I got to the gate a little early and was able to observe the wild pushing and shoving before boarding was announced. Once it started – it was rather orderly.

The Thai Business Class seat is rather nice though had a limited recline. The lunch served wasn't great – no surprise as Thai catering is consistently below average.

Our flight was a little late because of a late departure and because the CTU terminal is at least 10 miles from the runway.

Immigration was super quick though and my bag came out minutes later. I bought a SIM card for $25 and gt into a taxi right away. I spent less than 5 minutes on teh ground at CTU airport – wow!

3 / 5 stars