Review: Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt to Orlando – LH464

Posted on March 12, 2014 by in Lufthansa Miles and More

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I have been flying my share of Lufthansa in the last 15 years. Initially all my travel was in Economy transatlantic and over the last couple of years First Class. But I have been in Business Class maybe half a dozen times only and that was a couple of years back.

So I was curious about the flight. After my rather disappointing visit to the Senator lounge I was on my way to the furthest Z gate at Frankfurt airport. A solid 15 minute walk was required to get there. No Porsche Cayenne transfer his time 🙂

The flight is currently operated by a 747 (it used to be a A340 for the summer flight plan) which is pretty old equipment. I was boarding pretty late and the whole business class section in the nose was already completely full! I did not expect that for an Orlando flight – usually not a major business destination!

My seat was right next to the emergency exit door and the lavatory. Bad choice on my part – it was loud from the door and the lav. I had better Economy exit row seats than this one.

It provided ample leg space though and a way to rest them at the door handle but still that wasn't making up for the increased noise.

We caught an initial delay taking off from Frankfurt airport on this overcast day.

To my surprise the Internet was working very well initially (and was free again). I could even send pictures of my lunch with ease.

Lunch service was interrupted for about 60 minutes because of heavy turbulence over Scotland.

While I liked the salad and appetizer – the main dish was pretty bad. Really bad indeed.

I felt the seat was terrible. It felt cramped and I could never find a position I liked. My back hurt and I was always feeling about to slide down.

But a number of movies on Lufthansa entertainment system were new to me. One thing that worked out on this flight!

After 2 movies I dozed off and did not wake up until 7 hours later – approaching Orlando. Now this may indicate that the seat was good for sleeping but I think I was just really tired and every bone of my body hurt when getting off that airplane.

The flight attendants were nice but I hardly interacted with them for more than a couple of seconds. Food and drinks service was very much like in Economy from a cart and there was almost no personalized service I could find.

Orlando airport isn't huge and a British Airways 747 had just landed ahead of us. There was even a 15 minute line for Global Entry! Bags were slow to come out too.

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In conclusion – while this was a 'Premium Cabin Flight' it barely felt so. Really wasn't happy with this flight at all. A flight I'd like to forget as soon as possible!

0.5 / 5 stars