Take Advantage of First Friday – 3 Points For Every $1 on Dining

Posted on February 7, 2014 by in Chase Ultimate Rewards

The Chase Sapphire is one of the most versatile cards out there. While I'm sure every travel blogger out there has elaborated on all of the benefits of this card, it's really worth repeating: two points per dollar for dining and travel, one point everywhere else with a 7% annual bonus on all points earned at the end of the year. Furthermore, even though some of their points redemptions aren't as favorable as before due to devaluations (I'm looking at you United and Hyatt) there are still some great redemption values with Chase Ultimate Reward points.

Today is the first Friday of the month which means taking advantage of a great promotion from the Sapphire Team: 3x points on dining. Although this doesn't sound like much, it's actually a 50% increase on the points you're earning through dining and is a pretty big deal. Here are a few ways to maximize that extra point you're getting on these first Fridays.

1. Think about buying a gift card at your favorite restaurant – If you're going to go to a restaurant repeatedly, it's a good idea to front load your eventual spend there and make 50% more points in the process. Several local restaurants were more than happy to sell me $500 worth of gift cards. These I either used myself or gifted as Christmas presents.

2. Hit up your friends to pay cash – Fridays are big nights for going out with friends, so why not take advantage of additional spend? I have a reputation for always being the guy that wants to pay with my credit card while my other friends still insist on paying with cash. I quickly realized that this was a great way to pad my points stash by taking their cash and putting the entire bill on my credit card. Of course most people usually have 20 dollar bills so I've made it a point to carry a lot of small bills and change to facilitate this exchange and oftentimes, I'll eat a dollar or two in the process. Still, I think the points more than make up for it.

3. Be sure to double, triple, quadruple, etc. dip – As noted here, there are lots of ways to earn miles, points and cash back on dining. Try and take advantage of as many points earning opportunities as possible. The ultimate combination I could envision would be a qualified dine that earned Opentable credits, Mogl cash back, a Savored discount, miles from my United Mileage Plus dining account and 3x points on my Chase Sapphire. Almost like the holy grail of points.

Ultimately, this is yet another great way to sharpen up your points/miles game and contribute to your bottom line.