Review: Sheraton Frankurt Airport Hotel

Posted on February 24, 2014 by in Hotel Reviews

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The Sheraton Frankfurt Airport is located just off the Terminal Building at Frankfurt airport. There are a number of walkways so you don't have to fight the wintry elements in Frankfurt to get there from the main terminal. It was my 6th stay at the property and it always feels like an oasis in a travel armageddon called Frankfurt airport.

Check-in can take forever since most guests stay only one night (you guessed it!) and the procedure seems overly verbose. I was lucky – no other guests in line when I arrived – just 10 minutes later 20 people where in line – some looking at 20+ minutes wait.

I always nicely ask for a suite upgrade at check-in but here the most suites are in the old – not renovated wing. At least that's the opinion of the check-in agent. I went for her argument and stayed in my assigned club room. The rooms at the Sheraton are excellent – they feel fantastic – given how noisy and busy it is outside – they are the perfect oasis of calm.

After a quick shower I checked out the gym next to the club lounge which is small and only gives access to Club Floor guests. It has a couple of cardio machines and weightlifting equipment. Good enough for me but there is also a larger gym downstairs which I did not have time to try out.

The lounge is basically a hallway but it's nicely equipped with lounge chairs and the appetizers served were of high quality for happy hour. Champagne, wine, beer were on offer as well.

While the check-in staff can be grumpy here – most of the other hotel staff I encountered were very friendly and helpful. They resolve issues quickly with German perfection.

The Internet was rather slow and capped at 1 Mbit – it was usable though and I wasn't required to reconnect all the time like in my last visit though.

After a good nights sleep I went to the lounge for breakfast and I must admit if you ask me it's almost as good as in the First Class Terminal. Just a few items but the cheese, the bread, muesli and fruits were of outstanding quality. The coffee was pretty nasty though.

All in all I was glad I went for the 5,000 points + $75 Cash& Points deal instead of going to another airport hotel. Many airport hotels were much cheaper for the date of my stay but the convenience and comfort of the hotel easily make up a 50-100% higher rate for me. I will be coming back!

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