Fly 27 Hours in First Class for 70,000 Miles

Posted on February 4, 2014 by in Best use of Alaska Mileage Plan miles

Although I've flown international first class over a dozen times, I've found Cathay Pacific's first class offering to be my favorite out of all the flights I've tried. While Emirates, Singapore, Lufthansa and numerous other airlines have all offered top-notch food, service and amenities, I think that Cathay does a great job in providing the best combination of hard and soft products. Their food is spectacular, the service has always been impeccable and the seats, cabins and amenity kits/pajama sets are just fantastic.

Recently, after seeing some stellar signup bonuses on the Alaska Air Credit card, I did some research on the program. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that you could route from North America to Hong Kong to Johannesburg all on Cathay Pacific first class for only 70,000 miles each way. Strangely, the flight from Hong Kong to Africa costs exactly the same at 70,000 Alaska Miles. Why not add a transpacific flight from North America to Hong Kong for no difference in mileage cost? For someone that likes flying (well at least in international first class) this represents one of the best remaining values in the airline miles game.

My plan is to sign up for a couple of Alaska Air cards, transfer some Starwood points over to the Mileage Plan program and book this value before it goes away. Even for me, 27 hours in the same first class cabin might be overkill, so I'll likely take a stop in Hong Kong for a few days. Then ideally, I'll head to Johannesburg, take in the sights for a week and use some other miles to get me back home to Los Angeles.

For hardcore first-class enthusiasts or for people who want to stretch their miles and are interested in visiting both Hong Kong and South Africa, this is the best mileage deal out there today. Take advantage while you still can!