Air France goes lie-flat seats – finally!

Posted on February 6, 2014 by in Air France/KLM Flying Blue

Finally – Air France has committed to upgrade their antiquated business class seats to lie-flats seats.

And they have chosen well Zodiac Aerospace (with Cathay Pacific fame) is manufacturing the seats for Air France.

The new Air France Business class seat was developed around the concept of 3 "F":
• Full flat – the seat converts to a fully flat bed – for crossing time zones without fatigue;
• Full access – direct access to the aisle, regardless of the seat's location in the cabin;
• Full privacy – a protected area through the seat's enveloping curves, providing a true bubble of privacy in the sky.

• A seat that converts into a completely flat bed for maximum comfort;
• Direct aisle access for every passenger;
• An enveloping structure of curves, providing a feeling of privacy;
• A seat that features all of the latest technology: a wide high definition touch screen, a touchscreen handset, electrical outlet, USB port and new noise-reduction headphones;
• A padded headboard, an Air France signature feature;
• An adjustable soft leather headrest;
• Space and multiple storage areas close at hand;
• A delicate-to-the-touch duvet, a XXL feather down pillow;
• High quality, down to the finishing: leather, choice fabrics, stitching

It's not clear from the pictures what other changes, besides the colors, Air France is getting in comparison to the Cathay Pacific seats. Now I'm looking forward to the first review! Air France is planning to upgrade the whole fleet by summer 2016.