Travel Bloggers Town Hall – FAQ and Schedule

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I'm excited to announce the launch of the Travel Bloggers Town Hall.

The Travel Bloggers Town Hall is a weekly blog event that features the TOP 20 entries of the Travel blogosphere each week.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is it?

Every Monday a different blog hosts the Travel Bloggers Town Hall. Participating blogs submit their best entry of the week. The hosting blogger selects the TOP 20 entries Participating blogs may (or may not) link to the Town Hall Post of the week.

2) Why participate?

– Its fun!
– meet more bloggers
– exchange ideas and exchange opinions
– make blogging a little less lonely

Also get fresh traffic and a fresh link every week – all you need to 'invest' is one week per year where you read through lot's of great travel entries and compile a smokin' hot compilation of the best of the travel blogosphere.

The TOP 20 compilation should be easy enough to do since bloggers will submit an entry throughout the week.

3) Which blogs can participate?

We are primarily interested in Miles & Points travel deals, trip reports or promotions. However we love other 'life hacks' for travel and have an open mind.

4) How do I get started?

Email to travel dot bloggers dot town dot hall add gmail dot com that you'd like to participate and which available Monday you'd like to pick.

Then every weekend – submit your best entry of the week to 'travel dot bloggers dot town dot hall add gmail dot com'.

Schedule of Upcoming Travel Bloggers Town Halls

February 15th 2014 MightyTravels

February 22nd 2014 TravelWithGrant

March 1st Miles for Family

March 8th Taken

March 15th – Open

March 22nd – Open