Review: The Oceanarium Restaurant – Pacific Beach Hotel

Posted on January 17, 2014 by in Travel Deals

During my stay the Ocenarium Restaurant at the Pacific Beach Hotel extended an invitation for their seafood buffet. 50% of my bill was sponsored by the restaurant.

The Ocenarium is the main restaurant for breakfast and evening buffets for the hotel. However it also is host to a giant fish tank with a range of sea life. Its the size you usually only see in museums – it fills the whole restaurant!

The 'catch of the day' is the evening seafood buffet which serves all you can eat seafood including crab legs. My knowledge of seafood is rather limited (mostly to Sushi I admit) so it was a very interesting experience culinary experience for me.

Once you are done ogling at the fish you will start your rounds to the buffet. The selection is huge. Not just seafood but ample carbs, beef and several curry dishes.

The dessert option are ample as well with almost too many options.

I was very positively surprised by the quality of sushi. I frankly haven't eaten that much fresh fish in my life. I found the crab legs a good experience. It's good – healthy food and you are forced to eat slow. I can't really compare it to other instances of eating them.


A number of pasta dishes and the mussel poke weren't exactly my taste and felt a bit out of place. The dessert options were just ok as well. They looked very god but did not come through in terms of taste.

The buffet is priced at $51.99 for adults and $19.95 for kids. It's certainly worth it if you have no experience to crab legs and want to try a large number of different seafood items on a hungry day. On the other hand $100+ for 2 people is a lot of tasty Sushi in Waikiki lively Sushi scene.