Buy AAdvantage miles for 0.8 cents/mile ( promotion)

Posted on November 25, 2013 by in American Airlines AAdvantage

The AAdvantage mall has a promotion with that gives you 60(!) miles per dollar for all purchases. This is the highest offer per dollar spend of any normal purchase I have ever seen.

If you buy magazine subscriptions for family and friends that's already a good way to 'buy' AA miles for 1.66 cents/mile. Your friends may appreciate the subscription and you get a business class flight to Asia for $1,666 + fees.

I have been buying gift cards from this year and for every purchase I received the full amount of miles. If you buy a gift card and sell the gift card at you will loose about 50% of the value.

However since you get 60 miles per dollar you are essentially buying AA miles for 0.8 cents/mile. This is a great deal!

Of course the question is if still posts miles for gift card purchases. Also may stop buying the gift cards if more people send them in. So you may have to wait or sell them on ebay (risky!).