Review: Lufthansa First Class Boston to Frankfurt, New First Class 747-400

Posted on October 6, 2013 by in Travel Deals

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While I had tried the new Lufthansa First Class product in the A380 before I hadn't seen it in the 747-400 servicing Boston from Frankfurt.

The lounge situation in Boston is bad with a Senator Lounge in the basement with no natural light and the slowest lounge wifi ever. Boarding was chaotic as the boarding pass scanners gave up just before boarding. So everyone headed back only to be called out later.

After this initial delay – some passengers did not show up and their bags needed to be unloaded and then we waited half an hour taxiing. So much for German punctuality 🙂

The First Class cabin is upstairs in the 747 and 4/8 seats were filled. Nuts and drinks were offered and the flight attendant and purser introduced themselves prior to takeoff.

What I liked were the unique and rather entertaining announcements done by the flight attendants. It was almost like a bilingual radio show. Never had that before. Really liked listening to it.

After take-off I requested an expedited meal service since Lufthansa often takes 3-4 hours with all the courses. To my surprise this was honored and the food began showing up quickly. As usual with Lufthansa the catering from the United States to Europe is excellent. I really enjoyed all courses! The wines were sumptuous as well.

Now this version of the new First Class has a separate seat and bed. The trade off is that the seat does not have the same enormous recline. So you'll be lounging and you can sleep in a real bed. The bed is one (if not the) best I ever saw in a plane. It's as close to hotel bed as I can think of. Since this was a red-eye flight I felt surprisingly rested after 5 hours of sleep.

I also noticed that the amenity kit provided differs from the setup that you'll get on the A380. I actually liked this bag much more.

Now the downside of this setup shows during long daytime flights. You really can't watch TV from the bed so you'll be limited to other entertainment options if you'd like to lie down.

20 minutes outside of Frankfurt the flight attendants woke us up and offered breakfast. I did not try that since it was just too early for me and I wanted to save space for the upcoming First Class Terminal visit.

In summary I think this is THE best transatlantic airline product and while not easily available it often becomes available in that last 14 days before departure. I'm already looking forward to my next flight.

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