Qatar Award Availability is Showing on, but Don’t Book it There!

Posted on October 3, 2013 by in Travel Deals

Qatar award availability is now showing up correctly on for using British Airways Avios. Right now there appears to be quite a bit of space on most routes originating in North America, but this will likely change as people start using their miles for award travel. From some test searches, it appears most flights have four seats allotted for business travel, and on flights with first class, two seats. Economy seats are still not pulling up correctly for me however. Regardless, these flights will not be bookable with Avios until October, when their partnership begins. So in the mean time, unless you will enjoy paying fuel surcharges or have no AA miles, you should be looking at booking through American Airlines. While their site is not currently showing awards correctly, they ARE bookable over the phone. Given this, it may be prudent to check availability of, then if you find a flight with availability, call the AA desk. Not only will this allow you to book the flight, but also avoid ALL the fuel surcharges that BA would charge. This is A LOT of money. On most international flights, this would be around $390 – each way! So clearly, AA miles are the better ones to use here, so even when awards do become available I would avoid using Avios for these flights. For premium first class travel it's not terrible value ($780 in fuel surcharges for a ticket that retails for a number approaching five-figures is reasonable), but it is obviously better to just save your cash and use American miles.