New York in Five Days: A quick overview

Posted on October 15, 2013 by in Uncategorized

I had the oppourtunity over the last week to take off some days at college (read: I skipped class) and travel to New York for the first time. I left on the red eye leaving the west coast on Wednesday night, and returned on the red eye coming back Monday night, giving me roughly five days in the big apple. This was my first experience in NYC, so I thought it would be applicable to give a quick, New York minute style overview of the more interesting parts of my trip while I work on a full report.

Flying was fairly regular, the typical Delta experience in my mind. Both flights were packed (I hopped on a $185 round trip fare from the west coast) giving me no shot at any sort of upgrade.. the list was almost thirty deep both there and back, making for a cramped trip in Economy.. not even an upgrade to Economy+. Nothing too exciting to mention about the flight going, but the flight returning was rather eventful. About halfway through the flight a passenger apparently went into diabetic shock without any medication, and was unconscious. There was quite a bit of frenzied panic for about 45 minutes until consciousness was regained, but it was a scary moment to see all the emergency kits being pulled out. Luckily, two doctors and a nurse were nearby, and they were able to insert an IV (harder than it sounds during rough turbulence, I'm sure) and find another passenger to give her medicine that she needed. It was probably the most serious medical incident I've seen on a flight, given that the pilot was apparently very close to emergency landing in Montana for medicine, and also that the FA's said that if the doctors and nurse weren't present, this passenger likely would have died given their lack of medical training. Scary stuff!

I stayed in the Yotel for the first few days of the trip. I'll throw up some of my own pictures in the future, but I wasn't a huge fan of it. Though the modernness is very cool, chic, and sleek, that doesn't take away from the fact that the basic rooms are about as small as a standard Hilton's bathroom. With three people in one room, there was no space at all. Admittedly the location is great (3 blocks from Times Square), but given the average price of around $~290, I would probably rather just pay the extra $60-80 and stay at one of the main branded properties near Times Square.. plus you would earn points this way 😉 That said, if you're staying by yourself, or have a traveling partner who is okay with limited space, the Yotel may be a good choice. I just am a fan of having the ability to move around my room! Also, the bathroom area is see through from the bed, with only a curtain to block the view. It's a little disconcerting at first; your silhouette is visible while doing bathroom activities.

The last couple days I stayed in the Conrad New York (on cash + points! 24,000 + $120 per night), which felt like a mansion compared to my previous dwellings. As a bonus since I have Hilton Gold, I got upgraded to a Riverview Suite with a great view. All the rooms are classed as a suite, and have big living room areas with a sleeper sofa bed, and a larger bedroom area with the main view. The two rooms are seperated by a rather large bathroom. I absolutely loved the room and wished I could have stayed longer.. my only gripes were that for some reason, the hotel had disabled the blinds so that they couldn't be raised.. are you kidding me?! You give me a great view of Brooklyn and the river, yet I have to view it through blinds? Weird. I highly recommend the hotel's breakfast as well. I used my Gold breakfast vouchers and ate some very delicious eggs on bread with baked buffalo cheese inside. You can also use the vouchers for a $20 credit towards anything on the menu or at their grab-and-go breakfast area.

Lastly, and quickly, my top three things I did in New York.

1: Shake Shack. Really really really good food, seriously. I had it three times in 5 days.
2: Seeing Matilda the Musical. Not sure how it compares to the Lion King, but I thought it was an excellent value for an outstanding performance and especially the stagework was great.
3: Walking the SoHo district fashion area. All the great brands (some places are even affordable!), lots of awesome people watching, and some really great New York flavor while not being overly touristy.

Full report to come in the future. Feel free to comment about any tips or tricks you have to traveling in NYC!