Why JetBlue Might Have Just Become My Favorite Domestic Airline

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to fly JetBlue from Seattle to Long Beach for a Disneyland trip with my girlfriend's family. I had never flown any airline but the prototypical domestic carriers (American, Delta, United, etc), but wow! I came away very impressed. The flight itself was the best domestic experience I've had in recent memory. The standard Economy seats have about as much room as Economy Plus or similar products, and are quite comfortable. Drinks, including more specialized ones like Arizona Iced Tea, are complimentary. You get more than just peanuts too; the free food selection is actually decent, including some very tasty blue potato chips. Just these aspects alone are miles ahead of, say, United, where you'll receive some peanuts and soda in a more cramped seat. Even for the short flight (about 2.5 hours), the TV monitors were working for free. There was a slight glitch that took them offline for about 10 minutes, but the captain came on and said that all the movies would be shown for free to everyone in order to compensate for the downtime - I was very impressed with this for such a minor glitch! `I think the customer service aspect of JetBlue is what really impressed me in the end. Due to a family emergency, we actually had to fly back the same day we left. Calling JetBlue was an easy process, and I talked to a representative who was incredibly helpful and understanding. Not only was she able to change the flight from a week late to the day of, but waived ALL fees and the price difference between the flights. This was a savings of about $2000 for a group of five. As the representative said, "We believe the best interest of JetBlue is making sure your experience is a pleasant one". And I think that's what I'll take away from my JetBlue experience - where everything was professional and accommodating even when the rest of my vacation wasn't. No one from JetBlue is paying me to say this, but I would highly recommend you give JetBlue a shot for some of your future domestic routes. You won't be disappointed.