What’s your best of use of Hyatt Gold Passport points?

After my rather disappointing stay at the Park Hyatt in Paris in July I'm contemplating what I gonna do with my Gold Passport points. Naturally I expected good redemption options overseas and at the Category 6 level.

However the real estate mania in Silicon Valley and the many upcoming conferences have made many places in Santa Clara, CA excellent redemptions. The Hyatt Regency there (which I used to go to for mileage running) now charges $379 or 8,000 points for a night stay. That's almost 5 cent per Gold Passport point in value. At these prices it's a good idea to even buy Gold Passport points directly from Hyatt or buy Ultimate Rewards points (which transfer 1:1) for 2.4 and 2.5 cents respectively.

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What's your best Hyatt points redemption?