Small Business Saturday by American Express – Free Money!

Posted on September 3, 2013 by in Best use American Express Membership Rewards

Small Business Saturday by American Express - Free Money!

Small Business Saturday

The date for Small Business Saturday this year has been announced as November 30th! Small Business Saturday is a great promotion by American Express to promote small businesses around the United States. It also happens to benefit Amex card holders quite a bit. For EVERY Amex card you hold, you can get a $25 credit for any $25 purchase or more on Small Business Saturday. If you're anything like me and hold multiple Amex cards, this can add up quick! I have seven, so that's $175 in free credits. I try and use the credits as legitimately as possible, but you can also go to a store and just buy a gift card for $25 and use it later if there are no items you need on that day. Online purchases may work as well! You can find a list of local small business partners online: here

Personally, I find there is a great variety of small businesses around me here in Seattle, including businesses that you might not typically think as small (Jimmy Johns Sandwiches, some boutique hotels, etc). Make sure to remember the date of November 30th and start planning your Small Business Saturday!