Disappearing Lufthansa First Class award availability

Posted on September 24, 2013 by in Lufthansa Miles and More

So this has been a rather discouraging day – I was trying to book a United One-Way award with Lufthansa's New First Class for next week.

Call 1 – Availability shows online for IAD-FRA, agent can see it but I don't have my PIN for my United account

Call 2 – Availability still there, agents sees it but I run out of battery, call drops

Call 3 – Availability is gone for IAD-FRA

Call 4 – Found new routing for BOS-FRA, call drops (my fault)

Call 5 – It's just 5 minutes later but BOS-FRA is gone, agent may hold the itin?, but new agent can't do anything

Call 6 – I'm now content with Business Class for BOS-FRA and read itinerary to agent, but now FRA-PVG is gone which was available just a minute before on United AND ANA tool

Is this normal? The availability was really good when I looked at itineraries over the weekend and now they keep disappearing with every call.

Have you had that before?