Another Lufthansa experience next week – First Class Terminal, New First Class, 911 Porsche rental

Posted on September 26, 2013 by in Lufthansa Miles and More

I decided to attend FTU Tampa over the weekend and then go to Shanghai and Taipei next week via Frankfurt. This will give me access to two Lufthansa First Class flights and the First Class Terminal at Frankfurt airport. This is one of the best ways to get to Asia. Since Lufthansa First Class availability is only opened up to Star Alliance partners like United you need to be up for a last-minute decision (or pay the change fees).

After all my issues getting Lufthansa's new First Class to book – availability came back and I finally succeeded booking the flights I wanted late at night.

I also booked the 911 rental from Avis we highlighted here. What's interesting is that the booking workflow at never asked for proof of a First Class ticket. They may do that at the counter but I do not expect that. Also pick-up is at the counter not at the FCT. So let's see.

What's your FCT routine?