Review: Kirini Suites & Spa, Oia, Santorini, Greece

Posted on August 11, 2013 by in Travel Deals

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I had the chance to tour Kirini Suites this week, although regrettably I wasn't an overnight guest.

This luxury property is managed by a company that operates a number of other hotels in Santorini and is part of the ultra-exclusive Relais & Chateaux brand.

Oia is a very special place with truly wonderful views. There are many properties to choose from, yet many are prohibitive in price. Standard rooms and suites at Kirini can cost at least EUR 500 ($650) in the main (summer) season.

I really liked the design and outlay of the hotel. My first thought was to compare it with its neighbor, Mystique (a Luxury Collection Hotel) but this may not have been a fair comparison as the latter is more intimate and modern against Kirini's more traditional scheme. I loved the French village-style design and the impeccable white all across the property – typical of this Greek island.

Hotel rooms in Oia are all pretty much 'cave style' where natural light tends to be decreased. I think this property has done a good job in equipping the rooms without compromising on light. I loved their style – delicate furnishings and pure white mixed contemporary with conventional.

The infinity pool is just sheer beauty – one of the best on the island, let alone elsewhere in the world.

I visited the spa and found it to be wonderfully relaxing. It is well-integrated into the style of the hotel and provides luxurious treatments in a therapeutic setting.

I relished the amount of privacy that the property offered – it has many little alcoves and niches offering mostly undisturbed privacy and it can feel like you're staying at a retreat.

If you are considering staying in Santorini I would highly recommend a rest at the delightful Kirini Suites and Spa.

Book the Kirini Suites & Spa, Oia, Santorini here.