Review: Grand Hyatt Berlin Hotel

Post originally Published August 23, 2013 || Last Updated October 11, 2019

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Review: Grand Hyatt Berlin Hotel

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In a sentence: Modern art and incredible breakfast


Since I planned on trying as many as possible hotels in Berlin I also
opted for a stay at the Grand Hyatt Berlin besides my trip to the

While normal rates can be quite pricey with >EUR 250 the weekend rates
are often more affordable. I found a rate for EUR 130 and had it matched
by the Hyatt BRG team to about EUR 100.

Location (Sightseeing, Airport, Business)

The Grand Hyatt Berlin is right in the middle of the action at Potsdamer
Platz, right opposite to the Arkaden mall. It's just 10 minutes walk to
the Reichstag and the Holocaust memorial in Berlin.

Since Tegel airport is pretty close to the city taxis rides just cost
about EUR 20. Tegel has no subway connection but there are buses to
Potsdamer Platz from the airport.

The spot is ideal for sightseeing 'New Berlin'.

Check-In (Friendliness, Efficiency)

Stepping into a Hyatt hotel is almost always a special experience.
Especially non-US hotels give away this feel of serious friendliness.
Since Germany is exactly a place of many smiles it was great to see the
professional and friendly staff manning the front desk.

However at 7 PM I was told the room is not ready. After showing my shock
about this I was given an upgrade to a 'View King' Room on the 2nd
floor. It wasn't much of a view but still it looked into a leafy tree.

Common Areas (Lobby, Restaurants, Pool, Gym)

The lobby is pretty striking example of modern art and fits well into
the design of the building. It's also a good Hyatt fit.

The pool area in the 8th floor has direct roof access. It's nice but
somehow not very luxurious.

This was my common theme with teh hotel - it's nice but somehow not
really luxurious.

Rooms (Cleanliness, Space provided)

The room was average size and had an interesting bathroom accessible
from two sides.

I really like the automatic window blinds blocking out the light
completely with no hassle.

I also loved the Internet speeds here - 20-50 Mbit on my personal laptop
is fantastic!

I'm not sure what to make of the bed - I believe it was a bit on the
soft side but still it was all pretty modern and fresh.

After 9 PM I ordered and additional blanket and it took a full hour to
arrive at my room. That's too long and should not happen.

There was no noticeable noise in the room. The darkened windows allow for a
long sleep even with the early sunrises in Europe at this time of the
year. The AC was quiet and powerful. A good way to sleep.

Food (Breakfast, Executive Lounge, other food & drinks)

Since I'm no Diamond member I have to pay for my breakfast. And here I
did and I really liked what I saw and ate. Great selection AND great
quality. I think the breakfast is on par with the Park Hyatt Hamburg. One
of the best hotel breakfasts ever.

The price of EUR 34 is not cheap but given the quality of food I'd
consider becoming a regular as a non-guest every Sunday for brunch. It's
also open until 2 PM - great for waking up late after exploring Berlin


This is a really good hotel with excellent staff. The location is perfect
for sightseeing. The rooms are a bit small but still very good.

For rates <150 EUR I think this hotel is a fantastic deal. Beyond that
there are a number of other good options nearby (even the Ritz Carlton
can be had for EUR 120 or less in Berlin).

See all 28 pictures at our Facebook page

Book the Grand Hyatt Berlin Hotel here.

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