More thoughts on the Turkish Airlines Lounge at Istanbul Ataturk Airport

Posted on July 6, 2013 by in Turkish Airlines Review

Last week I spent a couple more hours at this lounge. In fact I planned my connections to spend as much time as possible there πŸ™‚

The food

The catering served in the lounge is fantastic. There are several buffets for your delight:

– Bakery items (Pastries in the morning, Turkish pizza for lunch and dinner)

– Turkish sweets (all the time)

– Turkish mezze (cold appetizers incl. salads)

– Turkish grill (incl. lamb and chicken kebaps)

– Pasta station

– Fruit station with a selection of season fruits



Since I spent a number of hours at the lounge I got to try mist items and while they are not as extraordinary as in the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt they are very good. It's certainly restaurant quality and it's fresh most importantly!

My only complaint is that the food apparently never changes and it's the same you'll get aboard. I bet it's good enough for mys fliers but if you fly a lot it's very repetitive.

The drinks

Lots of wines – 5 white and red and rose. The wines I tested were very good.

There is ample beer and liquor of all sorts.

I did not see expensive champagne though. Did I miss it?


Given the crowds I expected poor Internet performance but that wasn't teh case it was really fast all the time. The only issue is the lack of power outlets' They are randomly distributed along the columns. Nobody thought of people wanting to change their devices strangely.


Well it IS crowded – at almost all hours most seats were taken. Since the lounge is enormous it's likely you'll find a seat quickly but this lounge is definitely really busy!

The showers

Well there are almost a dozen sleek looking showers but the one I got was a joke! Mold was everywhere, the water came out as a trickle (seriously less than any water basin) and it was either scolding hot or icy cold.

Other amenities

There is a busy TV theater, a pool table, a children's playground, a lively piano and more


To start with my conclusion first – I still think this is the best 'Star Alliance Gold' lounge in the system. It provides almost First Class Terminal services even for Economy fliers (if they are Star Alliance Gold). For me that would be enough to change my flight path from another airport towards Istanbul. That's what Turkish Airlines is trying to do I guess πŸ™‚