What happened to Aeroflot award availability?

Posted on May 24, 2013 by in Travel Deals

Aeroflot used to be the hidden champion of Skyteam with loads of award availability on almost all routes. I detailed my experience using Delta Skymiles here.

I have been checking expertflyer.com in the last couple of days and also have been calling Delta. Not a single seat anywhere from the US (JFK/LAX).

Did someone trip over award availability and just canceled it out?

Also to note KLM had zero availability on almost all routes in business class some months ago. Now they have random availability for multiple business class seats on several routes again. That's nice!

Delta keeps blocking almost all Air France inventory for summer at least which is really frustrating. Even destinations like IAH and ATL that were not blocked before are gone now.

What was your workaround for a recent Skymiles redemption?