Review of the Lufthansa FlyNet (Speed, Reliability)

Posted on May 21, 2013 by in Lufthansa Miles and More

I have been testing the Lufthansa FlyNet on two separate transatlantic flights now. One from Washington to Frankfurt and another one from Frankfurt to Vancouver.

The service is available on many 'older' A340, A330 in the Lufthansa fleet. As of 2013 the A380 have not been outfitted with it yet.

The coverage map shows most of the US and Europe and any space in between. Asia also seems covered (excluding China) but this only shows on some maps.

The sign-up process is rather easy but their are some captchas to solve before you can access to credit card input page.

EUR 9.50 is a fair pricing for sending off important email and checking your Facebook.

The service is pretty solid and I did not yet loose the connection. Download speeds are pretty reasonable with 1.1Mbit.

Upload speed and Ping times are rather horrible but that's a problem most satellite connections have.

It's great that you can go online at all and I should be thankful but I my hopes for a blazingly fast connection at 40,000 feet have been dashed.

Btw this post was uploaded using the FlyNet service 🙂

4 / 5 stars