Malaysia Airlines First Class Lounge Review (Golden Lounge) Kuala Lumpur, KLIA

Written and Published May 17, 2013

Malaysia Airlines isn't a huge airline (anymore) but it's sole hub is Kuala Lumpur. KLIA is a modern airport so I was hoping for a lounge worth it's First Class name.

The Golden Lounge is split in a large (huge) Business Class and a smaller First Class section.

Both sections seemed rather similar to me and the agent at the lounge entrance directed me towards the Business Class section although she clearly saw my First Class Boarding Pass...

The First Class lounge has a table service for drinks and seems more private though it gets pretty crowded there as well (at least in the morning).

Seating (Quality, Space)

The seating itself is rather lackluster. You can choose between lounge chairs and a regular tables. There isn't much variety though. The business class section has a 'relaxation room' with 3 benches to stretch out on. It's a separate room.

Food (Selection, Taste, Quality)

I wasn't hungry but the buffet in the First Class section looked not exactly great. There were sausages/ bacon /eggs and pastries and bread. It was 'safe to eat' but certainly nothing that makes a foodie smile. I tried the Nasi Lemak and Chicken curry which were just ok.

The coffee I tried wasn't real good either - so come here for lots of cheap food but not to taste something good.

Connectivity (Internet Speed)

Malaysia Airlines First Class Lounge Review (Golden Lounge) Kuala Lumpur, KLIA

One word - lousy! 0.1Mbit means it was practically unusable. A shame given that Malaysia has really good connectivity everywhere. Every single coffee shop and food stall had better Wifi than the First Class lounge in Malaysia.


I believe there are showers but I did not test them.


It's incredibly noisy! It's striking how quiet KLIA feels (it's a modern airport after all) compared to the noise in lounge! Constant loud announcements of departing fights (really it never stops in the morning), the crowds in the lounge and the tight seating really make this an environment to run away from.

I hate to say it - but Starbucks across the hall has better coffee, a much quieter atmosphere and probably much faster Wifi (KLIA has free Wifi).

I was hoping this should be no bad omen for my upcoming First Class flight on the A380!

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