Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt, Germany – my second visit

Posted on May 23, 2013 by in Lufthansa Miles and More

This was my second visit of the First Class Terminal in less than 3 weeks.

3 weeks ago I was amazed by the food and I was equally amazed this time around. I planned the days before to eat as little as possible and come in hungry and it worked just fine 🙂 I still find breakfast and lunch options presented there simply delicious and of high quality.

With more time and a bit less excitement I find some stuff odd here though.

First the waiters for the table service (it was a different crew then in my last visit) are fast and good but have plenty of attitude. I haven't seen that anywhere else in the Terminal, Lufthansa Lounges or with flight attendants. But these guys have an odd mix of friendly, fast service and a snobbish attitude. Last time I thought someone was just having an off day but the 2 waiters today were exactly the same. It's not that big of a deal but I really wonder where this comes from.

I also struggle with the passport policy – once you enter it will be collected and only returned to you before you enter the valet car. Now your boarding pass will also be collected but handed to you minutes later. There's little risk things get lost since the every concierge is very serious about doing things perfectly (and immigration also checks) but it's an odd feeling to be without passport for hours. I always travel with 2 passports just in case but being without a passport for a couple of hours is just plain odd. Why are they doing that? Why not keep boarding pass and passport or return both at the same time?

Lastly the concierge system is nice but what I don't like is that there is little predictability when you leave for your flight. Once you check in you will get an approximate time (i.e. when boarding starts anyways). But things change and delays can happen any time. Given that you have a concierge you don't worry much about any displays (as I usually would). But your concierge only shows up when you HAVE to go. There is no prior warning. I was in the middle of working on a fantastic steak in the restaurant when my concierge appeared out of the blue. I was a bit surprised and asked for 5 more minutes. She said 'NEIN' – 2 more minutes was the most she was willing to admit looking sternly at her watch. She implied there might be a chance to miss that flight. Now would I have had a heads-up 10-20 minutes earlier I'd be eating a bit faster. So the concierge system makes you lazy and given how stringent Germans are can overwhelm you a bit.

I also inquired about the champagne selection this time and there were two Veuve Clicquot (one was a rose), Taittinger and Moet on offer. No Dom Pérignon or Krug anywhere (anymore?). So for all of you champagne fans Singapore Airlines (or Malaysia airlines) may be a better bet.

To access to Lufthansa First Class Terminal you need to be a Miles & More HON member or have a same-day departure of a Lufthansa or Swiss flight in First Class. Theoretically if you have a flight out of Munich late-night you could access the First Class Terminal in the morning, take a flight to Munich in the afternoon and use the First Class lounge there as well.

What's your experience?