Use Visa Gift Cards as Debit cards to make purchases

Posted on April 7, 2013 by in Travel Deals

MillionMileSecrets shares his experiences with the new feature of some Visa gift cards to be used as Debit Cards.

You may wonder why this is relevant at all? Well many of us buy these gift cards the increase the spend on our credit cards either to hit the minimum spend requirement or to earn miles.

Besides the activation fee the biggest problem is to get money out as most cards could only be used as credit cards. Using them as debit card allows you to buy cash equivalents like money orders. Be careful though as spending more than $2,000 on money orders will trigger a Suspicious Activity Report which can trigger an investigation on money laundering charges possibly.

So this is great news as it allows you to show huge spending to your credit card company without spending more than the activation fee.