Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel Review & the resolution of my hotel theft case

Posted on April 22, 2013 by in World of Hyatt

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Back in February I stayed in the Hyatt Regency Monterey. Monterey and the adjoining Carmel are one of the prettiest spots along the California coast line. It's a popular weekend getaway for anyone in the SF Bay Area.

While the Hyatt Carmel Highlands charges $450 for most weekend nights the Hyatt Regency Monterey often has rates around $150 published.

The hotel immediately gives you the feel of an upgraded motel. A nice, updated lobby and views towards the golf course but the guest rooms look more like high quality motel rooms.

Check-in was prompt and courteous and I selected the 1,000 points amenity when checking in. Parking is free at the hotel.

I booked using and applied a suite upgrade. The hotel granted me a suite that overlooks the golf course. These are really nice and you can't hear any freeway traffic – when you open the shades you are looking onto old trees and the fairways of the golf course.

The rooms itself are tired but the furniture is in a good state and so are the bathrooms.

I found the mattress way too soft. It was uncomfortably so. I find this to be true in several Hyatt's in the US. It's part of the reason I did not pursue another year of Diamond status at the chain (besides the price level of non-US Hyatt's).

There is a really nice fireplace and a patio area with ping pong tables outside. It feels very much resort like and not all like in a motel.

The hotel also has a Regency Club which serves breakfast and appetizers in the early evening. I found the quality pretty good and the selection very good. Wine is on a chargeable basis though which is odd but apparently a long time hotel policy.

I liked the hotel – it's in a desirable area (the whole Carmel peninsula is really pretty) and a short drive gets you into downtown Carmel or Monterey. When using a suite upgrade the rooms are dated but acceptable and the motel feeling really becomes a non-issue.

The biggest shock came when I checked out and realized my wallet with cash was missing.

I wrote about it earlier and I'm still not happy how the hotel handled the case but I think the overall resolution was fair. I initially spoke to the GM which refuse to accept my description of the theft (i.e. 'you are making this up, sir'). Once police found the computer bag (and the wallet) in a public park the next day he began to review the situation but still accepted no liability.

I did escalate it to Hyatt's regional management via Twitter and had limited success with their involvement as they reverted back to the GM for any further resolution.

I ended up with 22,000 Gold Passport points and $650 in cash for the items stolen/ damaged.

I fully understand it's not a good idea to keep as much cash and leave it outside a safe. But I do not like to use a safe as I keep forgetting the items in there. But that someone would brazenly walk into my room, bring me bedding and steal items when walking out is something I never even considered. I always thought as long as I'm in the room my stuff is safe.

It's a learning experience and I fully see myself handling this better next time. I'm ok with the resolution Hyatt provided though I felt in no moment that was I was treated with more than the minimum amount of respect and a Diamond status certainly made difference at all.

So if you explore the California's coast stop here as a Diamond but make sure to put all your valuables in a safe right away – don't leave them out of sight. It will be punished here!

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