50,000 MR Points AMEX, 30,000 US Airways miles deal to Europe, ‘Manufacture’ Hilton Points

Posted on April 17, 2013 by in Travel Deals

– Amex is back with a 50,000 Membership Rewards Bonus offer for the Business Rewards Gold card with $5,000 in spend. I just signed up for 2 with the 75,000 bonus offer so this is not for me.

MommyPoints highlights the 30,000 miles US to Europe Economy ticket deal with US Airways Dividend Miles. This deal will go away when US Airways and American Airlines are completing the merger during 2013. Availability is tight but a great way to shuttle friends and family over the Atlantic without fuel surcharges

HackmyTrip tells us about the options to produce Hilton points by buying gift cards, good beginner guideline!