Driving through Siberia in the middle of winter

Posted on March 2, 2013 by in Travel Deals

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Russia's M56: "Highway from Hell" and "Road of Bones"
4.200 km through the "Pole of Cold" … 3 days and nights …
nonstop driving with temperatures never warmer than -30 °C …
… even below -50° C for 2.000 km !!!.

That is a long way where you hope not to have a car crash or breakdown. You know you will probably not die, because you have a satellite security back-up, BUT: the waiting period will be very painful! Without heating, the warm temperature inside the car drops to the equal of the outside temperature within 30 minutes! Our record cold was -62° at the petrol station in Kyubyume Junction (Oymyakon District). The area around Tomtor, Oymyakon Village and towards Kyubyume is also where the lowest ever temperature on earth was recorded (talking about inhabited places) and which is therefore known as the "Pole of Cold" … We wanted to experience the MAXIMUM and therefore chose the coldest month of FEBRUARY.

This must be one of the most amazing trip reports I've ever come across. Sounds like a ton of fun!