My Chase Sapphire Mastercard arrived!

Posted on February 26, 2013 by in Travel Deals

The Chase Sapphire Visa is a lovely card and has been my primary go-to card in the last couple of years. It has no foreign transaction fees and awards double points on all travel related related purchases. I also love the Chase service – most calls are a real pleasure with genuinely friendly AND helpful agents. My Chase Sapphire Visa was having fraudulent transaction every 3 months or so – so I had a lot of calls with their fraud department 🙂 It seems fraudsters are attracted by the cards design, which somehow suggests a high credit limit.

One is eligible for the sign-up bonus of 40,000 UR points after $3,000 spend for the Mastercard even if you have (had) the Visa. During my last round of applications I applied using this link. They seem to have modified the official links on – the bonus is now just 10,000 points after $500 spend following the link on

When I called reconsideration I was told that I could not have it as long as I had the Sapphire Visa but I could close it. That's what I did a week ago (since my dividend points posted and I transferred them out to United) with customer service and just called reconsideration again. Note that reconsideration was not able to transfer a line of credit from the old Sapphire (it was closed after all) – I had to close yet another Chase card to get my approval.

The card finally arrived yesterday and looks just like the Visa – the same hard metal body that is virtually unbreakable. These cards can create issues with car rental companies as they will not be able to run the paper copy. Not an issue in the US but in many places (i.e. Avis Thailand) this card is being looked at funnily and returned to you without acceptance.

However I'm very happy to get another shiny version of this card I grew to love plus a new sign up bonus. Thanks Chase!