How to get $80 Cash Back on a $14.95 domain purchase in 5 steps

Posted on February 21, 2013 by in Travel Deals

## Update ##

Extrabux has taken down myhosting as a merchant but HooplaDoopla has not. I have no firsthand experience from HooplaDoopla but it looks legit to me.

## Update II##

All my extrabux purchases from last week seem to have posted as pending this week with $80 in CashBack each. At least I got an email from extrabux but when I check online they now show 'Returned'. I'm waiting for the reply.

I'm sure the wondrous world of miles & points will have made you a happy user of mileage shopping malls and Cash Back sites by now. Why? Because from time to time the marketing departments come up with a fantastic opportunity to earn miles or cash.

I recently stumbled upon one such offer. It get's you $55 Cash Back for a $14.95 domain purchase.

Here's what you need to do:

1) Register at HooplaDoopla

You may use my referral link to register.

2) Search for the merchant

Click through to myhosting.

Be sure to switch off 'Incognito Mode' and your ad blocker.

3) Purchase one domain at

– Go to 'Domain Names' and search for your domain name.

– Deselect WHOIS privacy

– Select 'Domain Parking (FREE)'

– Create an account

– Checkout with your credit card for a Grand total of US$14.95

4) Go back to HooplaDoopla and add the order number/ amount for tracking

5) Be patient until payout day

Your purchase confirmation should post within a couple of days. C

I made several purchases through another Cash Back portal (which does not have myhosting listed anymore) and all posted as pending and some have paid out already.

There are no listed limitations for the offer and should myhosting decide against you – you do have a strong case.

Tips & Tricks:

– myhosting is based in Canada and has strict fraud checks, so they may ask you to verify your identity via driver license, credit card scan, at least that's what they did for me

– start small – don't buy hundreds of domains – it will get you nowhere

– use it wisely and make some money wisely

Disclosure: The referral link above gives me a commission should you register and buy something.